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Supporting home treatment with a modern app


  • Integrated barcode scanner enables easy addition of medications to treatment plan.
  • Alarm function reminds patients to take medication. Quantity, dosage form, time of intake and specific requirements (i.e. “take after meal”) are readily customizable.
  • Diary function and smiley system records and tracks patient’s subjective condition
  • Chat function enables direct communication between patient and physician

Main benefits

  • Side effects and/or ineffectiveness of drugs can be detected much earlier
  • Full documentation of therapy process
  • Improved adherence and safety
  • Avoidance of intake errors
  • Easy and safe integration of medicating process into everyday life


  • Android and iOS version for patients, web version for physician
  • Cloud-supported profiles, backs up and data synchronization of data across all devices
  • Name, age and gender are recorded and stored anonymously in the external cloud


Currently, we are seeking Beta-testers for our Android version. If you are interested, please contact us at or visit

Our software developers are daily working on the advancement of Pillbox and its features. If you have any suggestions for improvement or questions, send us an email to