Pill reminder app


Pillbox is an application that does not only remind its users to take their medication, but it also monitors their treatment/therapy through further documentation functions. The software developers of BioVariance GmbH are working on versions for Android and iOS devices as well as on a web version accessible via a browser.

The Android and iOS versions have an integrated barcode scanner. Patients can easily add their medication to their individual alarm plans by scanning the code on the packaging. An integrated alarm reminds the users of the medication to be taken, its dosage, form, time and previously entered advices such as “take the medication after meal”.

Users have the opportunity to create and manage alarm plans for as many medications on as many devices as needed.n intelligent cloud solution maintains created profiles, backups and synchronizes all data and all used devices.


Pillbox Android Startbildschirm ScreenshotPillbox Android Alarmpläne Screenshot


You don’t need to worry about the security of your personal data. BioVariance GmbH keeps the data confidential and secure; data protection has top priority for us. The Pillbox app just collects name, age and gender as personal data and stores them anonymously in an external cloud.

The documentation of the emotional and general state of health is implemented by a smiley system. Trends in the therapeutic process can be recognized faster.

The diary feature allows users to write a text with a maximum length of 500 characters. Thoughts, notes and further important information can be saved and used as a reminder for the next visit to the doctor.

A chat feature enables the direct communication of patients with their doctor. Any problems, the patient’s state of health, side effects or general questions about the medication can be documented.

Patients and doctors get accesses to broad analysis options for the state of health, dosage, weight, age and gender distribution. Pillbox monitors the therapy and supports physicians in optimizing and adapting the treatment to the needs of the patients. So the doctor can recognize and respond to ineffectiveness of drugs or occurring side effects.


Analysemöglichkeit bei der Pillbox - AltersverteilungAnalysemöglichkeit bei der Pillbox - Gewichtsverteilung


Target group

The BioVariance GmbH develops Pillbox primarily for B2B customers, but also B2C or private customers get access to a desired trial version through direct contact to BioVariance GmbH.

Currently, we are looking for testers for our Android version. Take the initiative and contact us at conatct@pillbox.de or visit https://www.pillbox.de/en/.

Our software developers are daily working on the advancement of Pillbox and its features. If you have any suggestions for improvement, send an email to conatct@pillbox.de.