Using genetics to identify the best possible medication for your individual patient!

OncoVariant supports physicians in interpreting the genetic alterations of their cancer patients.

BioVariance has developed a web-based platform to identify the most suitable medication based on the patient’s own genetic variants. Any manual search for the most effective medication is inherently time consuming and complicated, especially for off-label drugs. OncoVariant supports and simplifies this process by automatically comparing and analyzing patient variants with publicly available databases regarding treatment options. The results are combined in a comprehensive report containing information about different gene variants, appropriate clinical studies and other evidence as well as information on the drug substances and their interactions.

OncoVariant saves significant time in the identification and analysis of suitable therapy options by analyzing several gene variants simultaneously and providing a high-quality and professionally documented overview of best practice treatment.  Quickly identify which genetic changes require which type of medication! OncoVariant enables personalized patient therapy while minimizing time and effort on behalf of attending physicians.

You can upload a VCF file or single variants to the platform. The platform accesses databases CGI and CIViC as well as several other databases (DGIdb, OncoKB, PharmGKB, CPIC, EMA and the National Library of Medicine) that are used for a comparison of the literary sources regarding the requested variants.  The analysis can be focused further by specifying the specific type of the cancer.


Scientifically founded knowledge


Time saving by automated search


Personalized treatment for your patient


User-friendly and simple handling


 Safe and encoded data transmission


Avoid side effects and needless treatment


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