Providing more efficient
treatment options with personalized medicine

The goal of personalized medicine is to prescribe the most suitable medication in the optimal dosage for each individual patient. To achieve this, physicians rely not only on medical diagnoses that take the personal characteristics of a patient into account but can now also engage modern tools of molecular diagnostics. Such genetic analyses can provide essential information to fully identify the indication, thereby enabling more efficient treatment.

We support physicians and hospitals by analyzing the individual genetic characteristics of each patient and comparing them with global databases using know-how that combines biology, pharmacology and big data.

All relevant information is bundled in a comprehensive overview that attending physician’s reference to optimize the therapy and adapt it to the specific requirements of the individual patient. This report contains information on the physician’s diagnosis, the therapeutic process and previously taken medication as well as the results of our analysis that are based on the identified genetic variations. This recommendation for the optimal medication and dosage supports the physician in choosing the individual treatment. Further, possible side effects and/or drug interactions are summarized, including specific references.

Taking genetic influences into account when choosing a treatment provides significant benefits to both patients and hysicians/hospitals:

  • Avoids non-responsive therapies
  • Eliminates potential side effects
  • Raised survival rates
  • Increased patient satisfaction and number of patients
  • Saves time in treatment process

Patient therapy is also supported by our mobile app Pillbox, which reminds patients to take their medication at the specified time and in the correct dosage. Furthermore, the app documents the therapeutic process, symptoms and possible side effects, improving patient adherence and overall health and well-being of the patient during treatment.

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