Individual therapy for every patient


The genetic uniqueness of a person defines how he or she reacts to therapies and prescribed drugs. A treatment that is not tailored to the individual’s needs can cause a decreased effectiveness of medication or severe side effects leading to a strong adverse effect on the patient’s quality of life and state of health.

Our aim is to minimize medication errors and risks as well as to support your physician in choosing the best possible therapy and dosage. By analyzing your genetic profile, we select the most suitable treatment for you. Further, we have developed the mobile app Pillbox for a permanent therapy monitoring. This app not only reminds you of taking your medication correctly, but also increases your therapy safety and your quality of life by providing further documentation features.

Especially long-term treated patients with severe or chronic diseases, for whom conventional therapy approaches have been exhausted or no promising standard therapies are available, benefit from precision medicine, our analysis and therapy monitoring:


BioVariance Analysis Process


If you have any questions, please contact us or your physician: