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Company Overview

Biovariance Overview

Biovariance GmbH was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Waldsassen, Germany. Its multidisciplinary team develops innovative AI solutions for precision medicine in the healthcare, pharma and biotech sectors. In cooperation with physicians, BioVariance offers long-term monitoring of molecular changes in patients to predict the effectiveness, side effects and drug interaction, thereby helping determine optimal medication and dosage. To achieve this, s tate-of-the-art automatization and parallelization techniques, machine learning, and mathematical algorithms are combined to analyze complex biomedical data.

Our Vision

Advancing human longevity by helping eradicate complex diseases.

Mission Statement

Our mission is the improvement of patients’ health and quality of life through the analysis and interpretation of complex biomedical data. We work at the junction of modern technologies such as molecular biology, big data and artificial intelligence to enable personalized care.

Our values


Our actions reflect our moral values.


We maximize patient care, not profits.


Respect and cooperation characterize our work atmosphere.


Our highly professional, multidisciplinary know-how is a key to success.


Striving to save lives drives innovation.