Data acquisition platform


The data curation platform AiAspect of BioVariance GmbH is a database which collects medical information for the treatment of patients. The software gathers and maintains parameters from clinical trials systematically.

In addition, it serves as a data basis for the Android application Medicall, that supports doctors dosing the medication for children and adolescents.

The progress and the development of the interdisciplinary knowledge are increasing steadily. In practice, it takes a long time to implement new knowledge, treatment methods and practices. Furthermore, factors like metabolic rate, age, other drugs and external influences affect the drug effectiveness. Therefore, AiAspect unites therapeutically relevant information such as interactions and side effects, pharmacokinetics, off-label dosage, metabolism and effectiveness.


Darstellung der therapierelevanten Informationen in der Datenerfassungsplattform AiAspect


The collected data provide information about active ingredients and authorized medicines for doctors. This database serves as an assistance for determining the optimal therapy, medication and dosage for an individual patient. Doctors don’t have to rely only on their own knowledge and experience, they receive an innovative software solution with a scientific basis instead. The threat of medication errors and risks will be recognized early, reduced significantly and the quality of the treatment will be improved for every patient.

The aim of this data curation platform is to curate knowledge systematically by using a research guideline. This includes literature research as well as genetic and patient-specific data. The build-in evaluation feature enables the assessment of the sources. The quality of data can be classified with a scoring system:


RTC (randomized control trial), review
observational study
recommendation/advice, guidelines
case study


The curation of these data types enables more effective treatments which can be used faster in practice for the benefit of the patient.

Access to a demo version is available at