BioVariance GmbH – targeted therapy through personalized medicine


Our aim is to improve people’s health and their quality of life by analyzing complex biomedical data.

“Worldwide there are 7.5 billion people and each reacts differently to a drug.” Dr. Josef Scheiber, Managing Director and founder of BioVariance GmbH.


We are your competent partner for complex biomedical data analyses and individual software development in the field of personalized medicine. Furthermore, we offer an innovative mobile app as a solution for long-term therapy monitoring for patients with severe and/or chronic diseases.

Our solution for Precision Medicine:

  • Selection of the best possible therapy and the correct dosage of medication
  • Avoidance of ineffective therapy approaches
  • Reduction of side effects and drug interactions
  • Improvement of adherence and therapy safety


This enables an individualized treatment of the patient. We have set ourselves the goal of optimizing treatments and adapting them to the needs of each patient.

Our customers are companies in the Pharma, Biotech and Life Science sector as well as global academical institutes which act in the area of R&D, preclinical/clinical trials and precision medicine. Especially physicians and patients benefit from our products.