BioVariance GmbH

There are about seven billion people and each of them reacts differently to a drug. – Dr. Josef Scheiber, Managing Director and Founder of BioVariance GmbH.

Our aim is to improve people’s health by supporting research for a more precisely understanding of diseases and the development of more effective therapies.


BioVariance is a full service provider for bioinformatics in the fields of drug discovery, drug design, biomarker and target identification as well as translational and precision medicine and others. We focus on broad biomedical data analytics and customized software development for pharmaceutics, biotechnology and the healthcare sector.

With our services we want to make complex biomedical data accessible and usable for our customers.

Our customers are Pharma, Biotech, Life Sciences and academical institutes and companies worldwide in the area of R&D, preclinical and clinical trials as well as precision medicine.